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DIPP associate and Best portfolio 2010

I already blogged a bit about getting the associate level for the DIPP (Dutch Institute of Professional Photography), but there was another surprise for me in store.
During the evening were the certificates for License ship and Associate were given to the photographers (2x Associate 4x License) there also was a price for best portfolio 2010, this is the portfolio the international jury selects as their favorite portfolio. Much to my surprise I could go home with both my certificate for Associate level but also with the award for best portfolio 2010.

Of course this motivates me to push even harder 🙂
Because I just got the pictures today I waited with a blog post about this till now. And yeah like most photographers I hate to be in front of the camera (as you can see 🙂 ), well ok at least I tried to smile.

ADIPP certification

People that know me know that I’m not someone who does a lot with certifications or competitions with my own work. I once competed in the Hasselblad masters and got a nice semifinale place in fashion, which is something I was told to be proud off 😀 but after that I somehow never did anything again. Don’t get me wrong I love competitions and I often judge in these kind of events, next weekend I will be one of the jurors again for the Maskerade (an international bodypaint competition) but somehow with my own work I never do.

A good photographer friend of mine who is active in the DIPP (Dutch Institute of Professional Photography) talked me into going in front of an international jury with my 20 best photos. Yesterday it was that moment……
We arrived at app 18:45 and my judging would be at 20:00 but I did not want to be late of course and you never know what can happen on the road, there was a very nervous atmosphere with people waiting to be judged.

Every judging is different (but always exciting) so a small insight in how the evening went.
When it’s your “time”, first your photos are brought in for the jury to see, and after a few minutes the photographer is called to be judged, what I heard the jury was brutally honest and had a keen eye this year, so the tension build up, I decided to skip the license and go for associate level which of course meant I had to work a lot harder with selecting the right photos, so you can imagine that also with me (hearing all these comments) the tension build. As a good jury is supposed to be they ran late and at app 20:15 my work was brought in, after 5 minutes I was called in and was ready to hear the final verdict……

I made the right selection I guess because the jury loved my selection, and I left the room in a very short time with the ADIPP certification.
From this side thanks to my friend Pim van der Maden for talking me into this 😀

I’m sorry I couldn’t be part of the nice DIPP weekend, but I’m still not 100% but I will be there next year without a doubt.

Kelbytraining !

Hi Guys,
A quick update from Paris (Disneyland), we’ve decided to take a weekend off with the family to relax and I can say I feel a lot better, still very tired sometimes and a bit shaky at some points, but it’s getting better every day.

A quick update however is in place, I just received word that my first video is online at, it’s the outside session in the alley way.
So make sure to check it out !!

Corine outside and my iPhone app

A combi post today.First of all my iPhone app has been released on the Apple store.
It’s a great app with many options and feeds, new things will be added over time. At the moment the app contains.

* Wiki about Fashion Photography
* General Photography news feed
* Twitter feed
* My blog
* Facebook fan page feed
* Photostream with save and mail option
* Live agenda
* More than 270 tips about Photography (will grow)
* Special offer page for Dutch and international customers
* Backstage videos (updated every week or more)
* Official videos from youtube
It’s sold for 0.79 eurocent or 0.99 Dollar cent.

If you have suggestions for additions to the app, just let me know.

So now let’s go the session we did with Corine during the Advanced III workshop from this weekend.

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