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Corine outside and my iPhone app

A combi post today.First of all my iPhone app has been released on the Apple store.
It’s a great app with many options and feeds, new things will be added over time. At the moment the app contains.

* Wiki about Fashion Photography
* General Photography news feed
* Twitter feed
* My blog
* Facebook fan page feed
* Photostream with save and mail option
* Live agenda
* More than 270 tips about Photography (will grow)
* Special offer page for Dutch and international customers
* Backstage videos (updated every week or more)
* Official videos from youtube
It’s sold for 0.79 eurocent or 0.99 Dollar cent.

If you have suggestions for additions to the app, just let me know.

So now let’s go the session we did with Corine during the Advanced III workshop from this weekend.

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Breaking news from Elinchrom ;)

As many requested here a small video from the iPhone app, there also is a iPad version.
You can do everything with the quadra what you want including modeling lights etc.

Also a quick look at the gossen light meter with Elinchrom support, and it has a reflective meter. I will look more into this later.

Feel free to share, I can’t from here, I’m already glad this goes through.

Small news update

A small news update today.
First of all make sure to check twitter today at during todays workshop with Nadine I will be twittering some backstage material again in the form of video and photos. Have to test the iPhone 4 of course.

I will be at the photokina at tuesday, wednesday and thursday (maybe more days) on the Elinchrom/Leaf booth by Profot. I will be demoing and teaching small workshops with the Elinchrom and Leaf gear, showing the Leaf capture interface to the iPad and iPhone of course and probably also Capture One with the Leaf. There will be loads of time for personal meet ups, questions etc. and we will bring some DVDs with us. If you are also at photokina please use the comment button and say which day and maybe it’s possible to have a meet and greet during one of the days.

We are in the final stages of the Dublin workshops, the gear is all arranged thanks to Paddy from , the models are choosen and we have an amazing Makeup artist, we only have to choose between 4 stunning locations.
For the people not aware of the Dublin tour, I will be teaching a free seminar during the photovision roadshow on the 7th of September and a small group workshop on the 8th of September, you can still book at we have limited seatings left.
If you visit the Dublin show, please also use the comment button and let me know you will be on the Photovision roadshow.

Belgium workshops
For the Belgium workshops we have 1 seat left, these will be held on the 16th and 17th of September and will contain lots of information on outside shoots on day 1, including some sample and test sessions. Day 2 we have rented the complete “El Passo” western town and that will be the scene for our second day with lots of attention to posing, story telling, natural light, strobes and probably some special effects like smoke, dust and wind. It will be a stunning location.

That’s the news for now, make sure to check out in a few weeks for the new videos and I will post some of the images this weekend from those sessions to give you some appetite 😀