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Guestblog : Rob van Esch Huge spaces

Today I welcome Rob van Esch to my blog.
Rob has some amazing shots of “huge” spaces and will show some of his work today, so enjoy….


Capturing Huge Spaces


You probably recognize the feeling. Standing in the middle of an enormous hall, beautifully decorated, a space which is a piece of art of itself. You grab your camera and start pointing. And then? How on earth can one capture that impressive space in one image? I love that challenge! During the last few years, I’ve been travelling to places where these immense spaces can be found. Objects that are covered are e.g. famous museums and train stations. Common characteristic of the images in this post is that they are all shot with an ultra wide lens, and that more than one image was needed to fully accomplish the challenge. I am using the Canon 17 mm TSE, a wonderful tilt-shift lens. As the huge spaces covered are mostly public spaces, it takes some preparation to start shooting. I cannot do without my tripod, and you know, the tripod police is everywhere in those places (:-). The solution of course is to ask permission in advance, and that has until now never been a problem (on the contrary, it seems to be really appreciated if you kindly explain what your intentions are.)


Enough said, let me show the images.



  1. British Museum, London

British Museum


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Guestblog DPC

Hi everyone, this is my second guest blog here at Frank’s website and this time I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite websites “DPChallenge”, which is short for “Digital Photography Challenge”.


DPC has been around since 2002 and I have been a member since 2006. After more than 7 years of fun and building my photography skills through entering challenges and chatting with other members, I think you should know about this place as well… Becoming a registered user is free, and yearly membership costs only $25… with that, you can enter more challenges each week, join member-only discussions, get more space and have your own portfolio page.

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Guestblog Peter Gamba : Old Style

Today a guestblog by our friend Peter Gamba.
Peter (as many others now a days) has a passion for the older/vintage type of photography, and well that fits with what I also like 🙂
But also Peter points out that “knowing” the “old days” can immensely help you in your modern time photography. If find for myself that ever since I picked up film again my photography has grown.


Peter Gamba

My journey began in photography in 1968.  My first camera was a Minolta SRT 101.  I was living in Ecuador at the time.  I was a teenager living with my parents assigned by the U.S. State Department.  I began using color transparencies (Kodak Ektachrome, Kodak Kodachrome).  I had no real knowledge of light and film, nor any access to hand held light meters.   The only way I understood exposure was to take a picture, write down my settings, wait to get the slides back from the developer, then look at the results and read my corresponding notes.  A rather expensive way to learn, in my opinion.   The metering system on the Minolta used a variable needle that reflected the conditions and a static hard circle that the user could manipulate to dissect the needle.  One could then see how aperture and shutter speed worked together, but it wasn’t until one saw the results from the actual photographs that it began to make sense.




Minolta 1a

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Guest review : Olympus OM-D

Today a guest review from the Olympus OM-D camera.


Olympus OM-D Review


My name is Ferry Knijn and I am a Dutch Dance and music Photograher. I mainly shoot dancers, musicians and sometimes more commercial work for advertisement and weddings. Currently the personal project I am working is the project. For of my work please look on or


For the past two weeks I had the Olymopus OM-D in combination  with the m.zuiko 12-50 f3.5-5.6 zoom lens (also the kit lens), the 45mm 1.8 and the 17m 1.8


During the 2013 Pro Imaging trade fair I first me the OM-D, I had it seen all ready in magazines, but on the exhibition it really caught my eye for the first time. Currently my main camera is a 5DmkII with a 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8.


Currently I am looking for a small/light travel and street camera. I am getting more jobs for which I have to travel or shoot on in city’s or have to do a lot of walking, so not having to carry a lot of heavy gear can be nice for my back/shoulder. This is one of the reasons I got interested in the OM-D, it is like a mini sided DSLR.


I also have tried the Fuji X-E1, but I have the feeling the Fuji X-system isn’t complete enough yet. The amount of lenses isn’t all there and the support from software programs can be an issue. Which does not take away the Image quality is really great!!!


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