My blog, although I don’t see myself as a blogger but as a Photographer I will try to blog some interesting material during the weeks.
Expect at least 2 updates a week.

Dublin sightseeing day

Today it was the day we have planned for sightseeing.
When we do the workshops abroad we always try to plan 1-2 days for ourselves to also see some of the area and visit some locations that are interesting. In this case the Irish weather does not help, it’s raining almost constantly, but somehow (call it a wonder) the only hour that was dry was the hour we visited Trim castle, the location were Braveheart was filmed (6 months). We always love castles so this one was high on our list.

After that it was back to Dublin to visit a large shopping mall to kill the time, it was too bad outside, however even in the rain I tried to also do some street photography, it’s something completely different than what I normally do but I still love it and am trying to improve in that department every time we are in a large city. And as you can see in the opening shot, there are always people that do the same thing even when it rains.

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A quick update.
Today we’re leaving for Dublin where I will teach a free seminar on Tuesday during the Photovision roadshow and a full day workshop on the Wednesday. The workshops are unique because we use real location with a lot of different techniques, so I’m always looking forward to those. We have limited seating left so if you want to participate go to were you can also still book the Kent workshop.

If you’re at the photovision Roadshow event make sure to drop by (we will be there most of the day) and say hi.

See you in Dublin, off we go……….


This weekend it was time for the glamour workshop.
As known by now all my workshops are different and I always try to do something new and exciting, well with Nirmala as our model that exciting part is always guaranteed. In this workshop I concentrated on the more simple light setups that are hard to control, so lots of very tight light areas for the students this means that they really have to work very hard to make the images work, just a few inches movement of the model will render some light setups useless or killer.

So let’s see what we’ve done….

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Sym images

A few months ago we shot two sets for the scooter manufacturer Sym.
We used two models for the two scooters, the first set we did with Corine for the Jet, the second set we did with Cherelle for the Orbit

As locations we choose the skatepark in Emmeloord for the Jet and because of the more business like look of the Orbit we choose a location very close to the studio, just across the road. Both locations had to be planned carefully of course because you normally can’t just show up and do a commercial photoshoot, but it all worked out great and without any problems. On the skate park we had to also convince some of the local skaters and bikers that we needed clean shots without anyone in the frame, but luckily for us they did and even wanted to participate in a few of the shots.
Because it took some time to get the publications out I could not yet show the images, yesterday I received the new folder however so finally I can show the results of these shoots. It’s totally different than what they normally do so I thank Sym for taking the chance to go with my style and images, I hope you guys on the blog also like them.

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