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Something old…… or not ?

Lots of photographers started with shooting analogue and I’m no exception. I remember vividly that my parents and grandparents always were busy with photography and of course they had their own darkrooms, first only B&W but later on also color, and I loved it…. So I guess that’s were I got bitten by the bug […]

Besides models…..

Although you might think I’m only shooting models you are not 100% correct. My passion for photography goes much further but over the years we have become so busy that in practice indeed it’s almost only modelphotography I do, but hey you don’t hear me complain of course 😀 Being abroad However when being in […]

New shots Nadine

Yesterday it was time again for the Advanced workshop. In this workshop there is always a lot of attention to finding the correct angles and working with more advanced story telling, movement and posing. As with all the workshops there is a clear difference in approach between the different workshops. In this case most of […]