A new snoot that will blow you away…

You might think “why so enthusiastic Frank?”
Let me explain.

I love using my Hensel strobes in the studio or on location, but sometimes there are situations where it’s not feasible to bring larger strobes, but luckily there is the speedlight, or the new (very popular) round strobes. But when using speedlights I also want modifiers that are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space in my bag (preferable it should fit my jack-pocket).

In 2022 Rogue released their brand new magnetic system.
When I first looked at the system it contained the omnidirectional dome, a gel holder and the grids. It was already a very flexible set, but in this video I show you their latest addition to the magnetic system… a snoot.

A snoot makes it possible to really pinpoint your model, especially with speedlights that are placed further away from a subject a snoot is essential and makes a huge difference. But Rogue didn’t just release a snoot, they actually made it possible to use the snoot in 4 different ways, and when you’re using speedlights even 8 different ways, which makes this snoot incredibly flexible.

You might wonder why you need 4 settings.
The reason is pretty simple, when we work on location its not always possible to place the lights exactly where you want, with the zoom function on your strobe you can focus the light slightly but in most cases you need a lot more focus, and that’s where the snoot comes in. The reason you can use it in 4 different ways is that with each setting you create a slightly smaller circle meaning you can focus the light very flexible and in most situations this makes the Rogue snoot a really valuable asset in your kit which makes it possible to really fine tune your light if you can’t move the light as flexible as you would like. Combine the snoot with a gel and you can use it for a really nice accent light on the background or a very small part of your subject.

You can order the snoot on www.frankdoorhof.com/shop or in your favourite store that sells Rogue products.