Using backlighting on your background

As you probably already know, we are the Dutch distributor for the amazing backgrounds from ClickPropsBackdrops.
And although I love the vinyl backdrops, the profabric is the material I think comes closest to the old vintage backdrops (we all love and lust after but can’t afford anymore) I’ve ever seen.


The cool thing about profabric is that although it does look and shoot like those vintage backdrops it doesn’t have the disadvantages like price, paint letting lose, creases etc. PLUS…. due to the material you can even shoot through the material. In this video I show you how you can get some truly stunning effects with this technique. And we are still experimenting with even more options. A truly profabric material, but if you have another material background, don’t worry… just try out if it also works with your background. It will not be the same, but everything gives uniques opportunities. You might be surprised.