Introducing our Arca CableBlock

Today we officially introduce our arca #cableblock the best way to protect your camera against damaged ports.

Let’s be honest, shooting tethered has a lot of advantages but the ports on the cameras are very fragile and you don’t want them to break of course.

Our IQwire tethercables already use angled connectors to take some of that tension away but you still move around and switch between portrait and landscape mode, this all will put stress on the port.

But don’t worry. We’ve got you protected. With our CableBlock you get an Arca compatible solution that will give you the most solid protection against port damage available. And there is more.

FireRed to match our IQwire tethercables, slightly smaller to also fit smaller cameras, no need for coins or a screwdriver to fasten and protective pads against damaging the bottom of your camera.

And the best thing?
It’s available for free in the Benelux with our 10 meters IQwire tethercables. Or you can buy it for 34,95 including VAT.

Don’t wait for accidents to happen, order the cableblock today.