Results from the Cosplay workshop

I absolutely love teaching the workshop Cosplay.
Don’t get me wrong, I love all workshops, but Cosplay is one of the most creative ones where I can literally almost do everything we think off plus work with some amazing costumes.

Today in the blog the results from the workshop Cosplay with Jamila

With set number 2 we actually used exactly the same base setup, just changed the role of the blue strobe.
In the first image the blue strobe is aimed at the wall and we actually needed an extra strobe aimed at the ceiling to fill in shadows. In the second shot I aimed the blue strobe towards the camera and removed the fill in flash. As you can see a totally different look and in my opinion a lot more moody.

After this amazing dress it was time for some more SF looks.
I’ve let these in the order I build it up.
As you can see I not only changed the angles but also the expression of the model and usage of the lens compression/distortion.
It’s all in essence the same setup.

And of course we also did some other cool looks.

and as always our workshops are very intense with information, but…. also always a lot of fun 😀