Jonna during the portrait conference

During the pandemic being able to teach is without a doubt one of the things I miss the most. But luckily more and more companies are now getting into live streaming events, and during the pandemic I’ve done several events online and although it’s totally different than really being there and interact with the audience, I do think it’s a great alternative.

The following images were shot during the 1 hour live stream on day 1 of the portrait conference organised by KelbyOne.
The topic was : the dramatic portrait
Model : Jonna

Now during these events the instructor can often choose to do a presentation (powerpoint and talking head), run a pre-recorded video and answer questions or…. do the whole thing live, so the Q&A, shoot and retouching tips.

As you probably know we have been running Digital classroom for a few years now so I mostly opt for the live stream event option. I do mention this because although I do share the results of these shoots for entertainment 😀 they are not considered as portfolio material perse, although sometimes I’m lucky. So be gentle when judging, this was a pretty technical topic and while streaming the studio is lit by led lights interfering with what I see. Ok enough excuses, here are the results.