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Yes, it’s no mistake
This week we will post several cool discount posts because it’s almost Black Friday and of course we are also handing out some cool discount deals for you to get through this dark period.

So let’s start with a staggering 50% discount on all my tutorials and preset packs.
Now if you like what we do on YouTube with “digital classroom” and “behind the closed DOORs”, well be ready to be pleasantly surprised, the tutorials go way more in depth with clear explanations, more advanced techniques and more camera angles.

Every tutorial has a unique topic so there is something for everyone from beginner to advanced, from model photography to street and travel and of course retouching in the Adobe suite and Capture One.

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But also my preset packs are 50% off
Do you love those unique looks in photos and always wondered how to get them?
Well most of the time it’s just playing with sliders in Lightroom or any other RAW convertor, there is no need to pay a lot of money for that, but it can be really handy to have a starting point, right?

In my preset packs you find a selection of different looks which you can manipulate yourself to get the look you want. This is not a “light” pack, but exactly the same presets you see me use on my photos, and the best thing… we kept the price very low so everyone can use the presets for their starting point to some unique own looks, and now with a 50% discount….. well what are you still doing here?

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Claudia during the portrait conference

Today the images from the 1 hour live stream I did during day 2 of the portrait conference organised by KelbyOne.

Model : Claudia.

Jonna during the portrait conference

During the pandemic being able to teach is without a doubt one of the things I miss the most. But luckily more and more companies are now getting into live streaming events, and during the pandemic I’ve done several events online and although it’s totally different than really being there and interact with the audience, I do think it’s a great alternative.

The following images were shot during the 1 hour live stream on day 1 of the portrait conference organised by KelbyOne.
The topic was : the dramatic portrait
Model : Jonna

Now during these events the instructor can often choose to do a presentation (powerpoint and talking head), run a pre-recorded video and answer questions or…. do the whole thing live, so the Q&A, shoot and retouching tips.

As you probably know we have been running Digital classroom for a few years now so I mostly opt for the live stream event option. I do mention this because although I do share the results of these shoots for entertainment 😀 they are not considered as portfolio material perse, although sometimes I’m lucky. So be gentle when judging, this was a pretty technical topic and while streaming the studio is lit by led lights interfering with what I see. Ok enough excuses, here are the results.


Ellen during Photodays part II

In todays blogpost some more images we shot during the Photodays in Brussels with our model Ellen.
Dresses by Nadine

These images were all shot during the 20-30 minute demos on the trade show floor in a small space, so be gentle 😀