New ipad pro… Wow

So the new ipad pro has the m1 chip which is not a real surprise, but it is….

I expected apple to rename the m1 to an A version to prevent people from thinking/expecting the iPad pro to run full macos apps.

But now they kept the m1 banner I’m really excited to think about the possibilities. Yes the iPad pro is touch. But… When you connect a keyboard and mouse….

So why not run full photoshop with a tablet and keyboard. And when you’re mobile default to the touch version.

Same for logic and final cut pro x
Also for the creators of plugins having the same infrastructure would open up HUGE possibilities for the iPad pro

IF apple doesn’t close it off with something unnecessary (which they probably will)

This is in all honesty the one thing I really don’t like about the iPad series. There is so much potential but the heart of the workflow is file management and that is insanely bad in the iPad ecosystem.

Files are corrupted during copying to external drives and let’s be honest it’s insane you cant just use the file manager from every app. I’ve tried several video players for example before I found one that can play from a drive.

Same with for example beatmaker3. It’s like apple thinks its normal that people copy all their content first on the internal memory before even being able to audition it. With the new ios I really hoped apple would deliver a good file system instead of a so-so solution.

In my opinion this is one of the main issues with the whole ipad integration and the one I struggled with the most during my switch to a mobile workflow.

With the m1 banner I really hope apple will open it up a bit more and make it possible to run full versions off their software if you connect a keyboard and mouse .

What’s your take on the new ipad pro ?
I can’t wait to get one.