Photokina. My opinion

By now you probably already know that photokina will not be returning. And although this might come as a dissapointment (I taught on almost every edition since I started teaching on shows ) it’s actually I think something that could be very positive.

Let me start by saying that photokina was special and will hold a very place in my memories for ever. But you also have to be realistic.

Photokina was huge but also sucked out almost all the budget for many manufacturers and dealers. And you saw that the last few events where there was barely any budget for speakers in the booths and many brands even skipped.

But this also had a huge effect on other shows. Especially when photokina went to a yearly schedule you really saw a huge decline in budgets and speakers on all other shows.

So how can this be positive…
Next to photokina there are many (in my opinion much more fun) tradeshows.

There is only a limited budget for everyone. And you can spend 90% on photokina….. Or…….

I see a huge chance for the other shows to have much better options for speakers, for booths etc .

I’m ready 😉
What do you think?
One tradeshow that sucks all the money out of the market or spread it around to make the other tradeshows much more interesting with better speakers and more activity