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Mastering the Model Shoot 5; Glamour, Light of the old masters.

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Do you love the light in the paintings from the old masters like Rembrandt or Vermeer, Frans Hals or Jan Steen? What about the B/W photographers in the previous century, like Harcourt, George Hurrell, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams? Their stunning photos are still admired by a lot of people and photographers. Their work is still regularly shown in museums and exhibitions.

Frank’s workshop about Classical lighting is always sold out. He gets a lot of questions about this lighting from students who cannot attend the workshops. Which inspired him to make an instructional video about these successful lighting setups. He breaks it down so that It’s really not that hard.

In this video, Frank shows you how to shoot like the masters using modern techniques and gear. Including, how to meter the light and which light and modifiers to use. He will explain camera settings and of course shows you the results and more examples of photos he already took in this genre. Sometimes with a lot of lights, but mostly with one or two. Additionally, he takes you outside, just using the sun and some cool lenses.

In the end, there is a whole extended chapter where he also reveals a few of his secrets for special effects on a budget!

Topics covered are:
• How to work with Flags
• Special effect lenses
• How to photograph with blinds
• Classic and vintage lenses
• Storytelling with a light setting the mood
• Combining strobes with continuous light
• Tips and tricks from the studio floor

Runtime over 90 minutes

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