Being creative out and about

Seeing we can’t do any workshops at the moment but I still want to keep sharing tips. Let’s try some other things.

When you’re out and about it’s always cool to take some shots. But what if you want a selfie that’s a bit more…. Adventurous or weird….

Well as with modelphotography you can freak a bit with wide angles. And often the selfie camera on your phone is pretty wide…. Main benefit is that you can see yourself while posing.

In this case I was on my bike and placed the phone on the floor in and because it didn’t show the whole bike and it looked weird I placed my foot there and bent more forwards. Did a few tries and liked this one most. But without a doubt it can be done much better.

So the next time you’re out and about try to freak a bit with your selfies 😉

Feel free to share some of your creative shots here.