Digital Classroom May 13 2020

Because of some unknown technical issues, the episode starter later and could not cover all topics.

Frank Doorhof’s Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue. This episode is supported by Tether Tools NL

Frank has been a Tether Tools ambassador since they introduced the high visible orange cables together with the famous JerkStopper! The advantage of tethered shooting is the bigger screen to check focus and composition, easier to see for clients, but also back-up when you shoot.

Nowadays Tether Tools offers over 400 products to make the life of a photographer or filmer easier. Recently they introduced the Air Direct, wireless shooting for every camera. And their own tethering software Smart Shooter 4.

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this episode is about:

Product photography

Because we can’t still shoot with models and our dog is too young to model, we chose a few products to take pictures of. These are not regular “webshop” photo’s but really pictures you can use to hang on your wall. Franks favourite items are miniature figures from old movies. And they are very loyal and good at not moving. So, will it be easy to shoot them?

Find out in this episode how to make great product shots.

Do you need a tripod for your camera and what are the camera settings? And what about lighting? Will Frank use different light or the same as when he shoots models? How to make the background black? Or white? Talking about white, how do you get all colours right if you shoot for a webshop. Nothing is more annoying when ordering clothes and the colours don’t match the picture. What about composition or angle and finally what about the reflection of your item.

Of course, Frank will also show you how he retouches these images.

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