Something to think about

Just something to think about
We are living in a weird/dark time, something that we didn’t experience ever before. We don’t know when it will end, we don’t know if we or our loved ones will survive (don’t want to scare anyone but it’s the harsh reality) Over the years we’ve spend a tremendous amount of time and money to give you guys free educational material, low priced workshops etc. and we are doing ok (don’t worry).
I see more and more people online almost demanding free material because they are in lockdown, and according to them in these times stuff should be handed out for free in a sense of togetherness.
And I agree to a certain amount of this.
This is also why we upload more 60 seconds tips, more live streams and even throw in some guitar videos.
And to help you guys out we even run a 50% discount on all our videos and presets (use code “goodluck” on and but…..
Do realize that all the entertainment and education you guys get or “demand” is not free. A lot of your favorite youtubers are in serious problems and I do think a lot of them are on the verge of going out of business or have to close down because of lack of funds.
Creating free material is NOT FREE.
And you should never ever demand to get it for free.
Content creators are supported by companies, who are now also on hold and I don’t think it’s a certainty that those companies keep giving the kind of money to content creators that they did before this whole thing. Also for example in the Netherlands it’s almost impossible to get any form of support if you’re in the entertainment or creative sector. We just fall in between the cracks of the rules.
So please……
Be gentle to your favorite content creators, enjoy their programs, leave a few more likes, leave a few more comments, try not to hit that dislike button, but maybe hit that like button also just on a few older videos.
And if you can….
Ask your content creator for a paypal account, or find it on their site and just donate $1.00 or whatever you can spare. We are all in a situation that is terrible, help each other out and make sure that your favorite channels can keep giving you guys the content you want.
and a few likes extra doesn’t cost you anything.
Also more subscribers or followers is always good for the content creators so share your favorite smaller YT channels or social media channels. That’s free and it really helps a lot.
Together we can beat this thing and keep your favorite channels up and running.