Digital Classroom, January 22, 3 PM CEST

Frank Doorhof’s Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue.

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord.

And this time the topic is “What Small Flash?”

Small Flash is extremely compact, and we take it often with us on trips abroad or shows where we cannot use big flash. And of course, it is a cheap way to light your model/subject.
Since Frank is photographing, we used a lot of brands, starting with the same brand as the camera.

But over the years we find some bugs like overheating, compatibility issues, or simply not very solid hotshoes. And because Sony is a relatively new player in the photography market, we have been searching for the best small flash units ever since. And now we found it in the new Nissin MG80Pro

This Nissin has been announced in 2019 for professionals who needed powerful quality flash for high volume wedding, event and location photographers. And now it’s finally available.

Does it really have the robust heat resistance and great wireless control as they promise?
Frank will not only tell you but also shoot with it in this episode of the Digital Classroom.

And of course, Frank will show you all the great details, like the built-in 8watt LED modelling light, ideally for photographers who use the flash off-camera, like Frank. Talking about off-camera, Nissin also improved the hotshoe, it’s firm and solid metal now.

So if you are looking for a new brand of small flash, or just want to shoot models/people with small flash, don’t miss this livestream.

Frank will also retouch some of these images and shows you what presets he uses and how. So, you’ll also learn how he makes that typical Frank Doorhof signature pictures you see online all the time.

Because we have several cameras in the studio you can see the whole setup. We zoom in when Frank takes the shot and show you via “picture in picture” the results. We also improved our desktop resolution so you can now see better which settings he uses when retouching.

You can talk to Frank & the crew LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook.
Join us in this 2-hour free, live, online interactive show on Wednesday, January 22, 3PM CEST or

Special thanks to our sponsors: BenQ Photographer Monitors & Rogue Expo Imaging, Photographic Design (Flashbenders & Nissin Flash)

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