Small change for big change

As a photographer I love to photograph the world around us and admire the beauty of nature. Over the years we’ve seen many stunning places but almost every beautiful place you visit there are stories about how it will dissapear.

Now we can discuss about climate change till you see blue in the face. Some say there is no change, to which I can only answer use your common sense and look around you and compare it to a few years ago.

Some say it’s always too late and we don’t have to do anything because the end is near, well I also don’t believe that. But for years I’ve been convinced humanity has to do something if we want to leave a world for our children they can enjoy. And the stunning thing is that we have all the options to slow down the dissaster heading our way. But we hardly do anything expect agreements and “future ideas”.

Years ago we have invested in solar. Not just for the envirement but to safe a lot of money. The added benefit is that our house is for a large part fully substainable and our solar installation was paid back in 8 years. It’s an investment that guarantees your money back and from the moment they pull the switch it starts earning money back. so why not look into that if you can miss your money for a few years. It’s the only investment I know that is 100% money back and loads of profit after that. It should be on every roof.

From those benefits we bought an EV (electric car) also mainly because of the financial benefits.

Why do I tell this part? Because like most of us I’m only human. Doing sacrifices for the envirement we are often willing to do, but only when it doesn’t cost us a lot of money. And that’s why it’s good governments are actually promoting the switch to substainable energy.

However still for a lot of people buying solar or an EV is way out of reach… So what can everyone do but have a huge impact?

Eat less beef

It sounds weird but beef is one of the most polluting ways of producing food. And there are great alternatives. Think about chicken of fish.

I know some people will start to flame me for not talking you into cutting meat at all, but let’s be reasonable. I love meat and I’m not willing to cut it out completely. However by knowing beef is incredibly bad for the envirement I am cutting down on beef a lot. And it’s very easy to do…

If you also care about leaving something for our next generations, next time order that chicken burger instead of the beef. It’s just as good and tasty, and don’t worry if you order a steak once in a time. Nothing criminal about it, but just try to change to fish and chicken for most of your meat.

Share and use the #lessbeef if you join in trying to cut down on beef. Let’s say for 50% to start 😉

People that know me knows this is not something that happened overnight. Ever since I saw the devestation of Sandy it has been slowly growing to a major concern. Especially realizing this is a situation we have to get used to because it will happen more and more.