Mobile workflow video coming

As you know we are working on a fully tablet based PRO workflow with the iPad pro. After one week I can say it works IF you have proper internet and a fast external drive.

Video editing with #lumafusion is a dream, Lightroom CC works like a charm and for the more advanced stuff for now #afinity till Photoshop is released

Only problem is/was shooting tethered. Wireless works in the hotel and locations but at the tradeshow this was unusable slow. So we are looking at other wireless solutions and USB tethering and believe it or not I’ve got it fully working. RAW files come in and are shown and you can browse them even….. Disadvantage?
That last part (shooting with USB) only works on Android after some “tinkering”

I’ll make a video later this week or the next.
But it’s VERY promising but for it to really work you need iPadOS which is being released in September I still did it with ios12 and it makes you jump to so many hoops it’s really frustrating sometimes.

Anything you like in the video?
Let me know