Finally a great way to retouch skin on the road. Game changer

For a few years we are promised the perfect replacement for a laptop with the iPad pro and Android tablets. And although I love my tablet it’s far from a replacement.

Yeah the idea is great. Long battery life for photo and video editing where most tablet based PC’s will give up after max an hour or two (4k video) if you’re so lucky. Most will give up in less. Also speed … Most modern tablets are in essence more than capable of editing video very fast.

So why not ?
Well…. Because all apps are pretty limited. Video editing on powerdirector is ok but try to edit 150 clips on the beat and very quickly you’ll run back to the laptop. But project rush promises a lot of good.

Running on a tablet as full working solution… I don’t believe in it. But as a in-between device yes. And with Lightroom CC we are a long way. For normal shots it’s awesome and works like a charm. But doing skin retouching on Lightroom was never really an option for pro results. It just wasn’t good enough.

By adding just one slide Adobe solved it and gave us an inmensly powerful tool

In this video I show you how to do some cool retouching for the skin in Lightroom CC on all devices. And that’s the thing… Just like project rush you can now finish your images or video completely on your device without rendering or outputting and than when you’re back home you can sync and check and export to the final results.

With the added slider and the upcoming project rush (well for me upcoming because my tablet and phone are not supported) we finally have a truly and fully pro workflow for more than just Instagram.