Wow yashica Matt from the inside.

I love analogue photography. Somehow the look and feel from film are just awesome and hit the spot right away with me.

I’m still shooting film with a Leica r body (7) and of course the Rz67proII which I also shoot with a digital back.

One of my all time favorites however is my yashica Matt 124. I bought this a few years ago in the states in a specialized vintage camera store and loved it ever since. There are a few versions out there but this one is the perfect combination of the sharpest lenses and a light meter so I really wanted to keep this camera but sometimes things go not as planned.

It started with the meter doing some funky stuff. Often reopening the viewfinder would work but mostly not. So I used it a while with a separate meter but always wanted it fixed. Did a few social media calls on it but never got something usable. Untill a few weeks ago.

We found thanks to social media a company in the Netherlands that is specialized in repairing rollieflex and if you have problems I highly recommend them, you can find them here

I hope to get the camera back in a few days and can’t wait to test it again. It got a total checkup and some other things where fixed and made smooth again plus I did and upgrade so the lightmeter can now use normal batteries instead of the special ones they originally use .

Hope you got a kick out of the “exploded view” they do remind you of old watches indeed (a remark I got several times on social media).