The most bizarre thing ever

Someone just posted an image from a workshop we did in Legoland UK a few years ago during an UK tour

Now this location of course was already very special and loads of fun as you can imagine but it also was the scene of an almost twilight zone experience for me

A few years before the Legoland workshop I taught a workshop in Dubai and met a lovely young lady there in my workshop. After the workshop we never had any contact anymore (as things often go)

However when I got into the elevator I looked surprised to a lady standing next to me……… It was her.


So I asked her “do you now reside in the UK?” But much to my surprise she answered “no I’m just on holiday and visiting legoland today”


What are the chances. We often hear from guys “hey man you visited a location close to our home” or “cool we were there last month” but what are the chances that you visit legoland in the UK only once and end up in the elevator with someone you met only once on the other side of the world…. Goosebumps.

But this seems to haunt me

Two years ago we traveled through Sweden and ended up on a campground where someone recognized our RV (and us) well this does happen sometimes but read on.

We didn’t tell them our route and to our surprise we ended up on another campground a few days later and again the day we went back to the Netherlands…. Talk about another weird experience 😉

Did this ever happen to you?

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