A stunning overview

Today Lars showed us the most beautiful places he knew (and that were doable).
One of the sights was a huge glacier and although I already like the shot from the ground level (in fact I thought it was stunning) he told us to go up a little but higher…. and after that a little but higher….. and…. just a little bit more…… and….. only a few more climbs and we’re there…..

At some points I wanted to give up for the simple reason that in our country everything is pretty much flat and here we were walking literally up a mountain. Some parts with “stepping stones” or “a natural staircase” as they call it (love that), but also parts that…. well just went up very steep and you just had to find a way to walk up. Pretty intense stuff made harder by the very thin air, but…. we made it and indeed the view was amazing. Words can not do it justice, and in all honesty also not images, and even panorama shots… well just see what I mean, and remember…. in real life it was 100x more impressive.

Many thanks to Lars for being our awesome tourguide and taking the image on top.
You ROCK buddy, stay strong my friend.