What is studio quality?

This blog is based on this article.

iPhone X Is Capable Of Taking Studio Quality Portraits, Says ASA


Nice article but also a weird situation.
What is “studio quality”
In essence any phone can make studio quality photos now a days. Not a few years ago 6mp and 16mp where the golden standards.

For me it’s however a bit over the top to start a courtcase for this.

What’s your opinion?
What’s studio quality?
And do you think phones could be labeled like this?

In my opinion studio quality is not a term. It just means you shot something in the studio.

And can phones be labbeld as pro?
Well yeah. But not all

Before I switched to my Huawei p20pro I always liked shooting with my phone but never was of the opinion the images were really good. Now with the p20pro I honestly think we have a real “studio quality” camera.

Would love to hear your opinion.