During our recent trip to New York I also shot some film.
I always love to bring a film camera with me on trips, somehow I just totally love the look and feel of film, and of course the way it forces you to think. And let’s be honest, we can get pretty close with film looks with the modern plugins like alien skin, DxO etc. but the colors and organic look of film…. well let me put it this way…. it’s special 😀

Now as mentioned before on the blog, I’m not a streetphotographer. I love shooting it, but I wouldn’t call myself a streetphotographer. Still I love to share my work via the blog with you guys, so here we go, Part I of the series I shot on Film.

This time we brought the Leica R4 (now replaced by the R7 since yesterday) with the 28mm and 50mm lenses.
I love the way the Leica operates and the images are most of the time spot on exposure wise and really nice and sharp. I also use these lenses on my Sony A7RIII and can confirm that these lenses are indeed very good 🙂

It’s by the way always a choice between this camera or my Yashica Mat 124, sadly my lightmeter in that camera died making it too slow to shoot on the street, so unless someone can help me out with fixing that I think the Yashica days are over for these trips.

Shooting film means 36 (or 24) exposures on 35mm and manual focus of course.
So don’t expect the kind of shots I shot with digital, for the simple reason I only brought one color and one BW roll with me.
Anyway enough excuses, here we go with the color shots.