Kingsday in the Netherlands in color

Today must be one of my favorite days….
Do remember I have a lot of favorite days 🙂
Today it’s Kingsday.
Of course it’s the Kings birthday, but in all honesty, although I love the king, for me it’s more about the markets. Almost everywhere you can find kids and grownups selling their “junk and treasures” on the streets, it’s literally a lot of fun to walk around and find some cool stuff. Of course we are hunting for comics, figures, lenses and other stuff for the studio but you can find almost anything.

Add to this that a lot of people are free and you understand it’s incredibly busy but most of all it’s a fun day.
Add to this that the weather today was just right, not too hot and not too cold and you can image we had a blast, but as always images tell you more than words, so just for fun some snapshots I took today with the Huawei P20 Pro. I didn’t take a pro camera with me for the simple reason you don’t want to carry a camera with you when you’re hunting for hidden treasures……. (just kidding I just wanted to test the camera in real life situations).