Guest blog : George Minton

What To Consider Before Posting A Video On Youtube

Today a guest blog about YouTube by George Minton.
I’m sure you will get some tips from this one.


Search engine optimization is now one of the most critical activities on the internet. There are numerous articles on pagerank and linking et al. There are several different types of media that require SEO but this one specifically gives Tips on Video Search Engine Optimisation VSEO.

So you have video content that needs to go out to the wide world web and its pretty portent stuff even if you do say so yourself! That is the right place to be. Make sure that the content that you have is interesting or useful or hilarious but be sure that it will get viewership first! The following are some of the real considerations to success that will help you in creating a more successful YouTube strategy:

What To Consider Before Posting A Video On Youtube

Utilize SEO in Your Title and Description

When you are giving your videos a title and writing their description, you must use keywords that will help your videos to be found by your target market. In this sense, it is no different than any other marketing strategy. However, you do want to be careful not to overstuff your videos with too many keywords. Using
just one or two is going to be sufficient to provide you with positive results.

Making changes via the video manager

One of the easiest things to get wrong is the proper format for your video. To avoid inadvertently locking any potential viewers out make sure that your video is available in many different formats. This way platform m compatibility and or connectivity speeds do not become a limiting factor to increasing your ranking.

Legal considerations

When it comes to making your own YouTube videos with your own digital camera, you will want to make sure that the videos are actually yours. It is common to find videos on YouTube that have similar ideas or concepts; that is okay. What is not okay is actually using someone else’s work. This is actually illegal, as many videos, television shows, movies, and music videos are protected by copyright laws. Copyright laws
aim to protect those who legally own a piece of work, like a television show, movie, or music video. Since someone else’s work is often protected by law, you could suffer serious consequences for using someone else’s work, especially if you try and claim it as your own.

Try Something Unique

A lot of businesses that are new to YouTube marketing spend too much time trying to do what every other business has done. This is putting your business at risk. Instead, you need to try something completely unique. Unique videos are the videos that tend to go viral. Instead of perusing through the YouTube videos to see what is possible for you to do, look at it with another angle. Try viewing other YouTube videos to see what hasn’t been done before. This is what is going to put you at the top and drive traffic to your website.

Be Concise –

Keep it short and sweet. Getting straight to the heart of the matter in your videos will help audiences take your message seriously and also retain their attention. Lengthy, complicated clips tend to turn some people off or cause them to not be able to concentrate, tuning important parts of the video out.

Connect with a Diverse Audience –

As you’re creating a solid online presence, you should deliberately try to make sure your videos appeals to people from various cultures, age groups, genders, and educational backgrounds. Catching the attention of different kinds of viewers usually confirms the strength and uniqueness of your marketing efforts. Having a campaign that transcends the characteristics that normally link people together is a dynamic that’s difficult, yet gratifying, to pull off.