My mouse advise

Loads of people have asked me about my favorite unit device recently. Probably due to the fact I switched platforms. Let me start of by saying I’m pretty confident with a trackpad although the one on the MacBook pros and in slightly lesser way the one on my dell xps15 are “perfect” I tried a lot of other laptops and they were (for me coming from Apple) horrible. Because I do a lot of editing I wanted a great mouse and actually ended up with these two.


First up is the Logitech mx master
I tried a few and ended up loving this one. It’s lightweight and supports both BT and logitechs own wireless solution. I’ve used it for some months now and can only say that it’s an amazing mouse. Love the scroll wheel with the “infinity” scroll as I labeled it, where it just keeps scrolling.

I programmed my big button as “this computer” so I always can go to my explorer in an instant and trust me that button is used a lot.


Second up is the Microsoft comfort wireless

I didn’t want to use a second mx master while traveling and in the end ended up with this one from Microsoft. Also BT and connects instantaneously. Works very good and the touch panel on the side is very handy. I just miss the option to program a button as “this pc”



Both these mouses track on almost surface. They are literally usable in almost any situation and run a long time on their battery.

I Hope this helped you guys out a bit. By the way if you want a real cheap wireless travel mouse…. check out this one