Dji spark

What’s your take on the #dji #spark ?I’ve seen some incredible videos from this little wonder. Most of all however I’m thinking about the future. 
A year ago I could not imagine bringing my drone everywhere. Now with the mavic I can’t imagine not bringing my drone. And now with the spark….. oh my. 
Also the price point is incredible at $499 ( 
Image quality from what I’ve seen online is great, and in all honesty for most people 1080p is more than enough. Especially for vlogs and fun stuff. 
The Hand gestures are awesome. But remote controls via the phone not really. I prefer a real remote. (I’m still nervous when flying)
The thing that does worry me a bit. When everyone is flying soon will the law get stricter or less. What do you think?
My personal opinion is that it might be the start of a total ban on drones in locations where you normally can fly now. The reason is very simple. With the current drone owners there are some people with half a brain that don’t think and just do what they like on purpose. When a drone like the spark is in everyone’s reach and considered almost like a toy will this not lead to accidents and a lot of problems for us flyers that are a bit more serious ??
Would it be wise from dji to for example limit the spark to 20mtrs high and far?
What do you think?

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Effective instagram management TIP

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De modellen van de Frank Doorhof workshops: Danique (DUTCH)

Maak kennis met onze modellen! Annewiek stelt de modellen een paar vragen zodat je ze beter leert kennen. Uiteraard met een paar mooie foto’s ertussen, gemaakt tijdens de shoots of workshops.

Deze keer Danique, miss Beauty of Groningen finaliste in 2016. Als student heeft ze het erg druk, maar we vinden haar werkelijk prachtig, dus je zult haar nog wel vaker tijdens de workshop zien.

Wil je ook een workshop volgen? Kijen, leren en zelf fotograferen? Kijk op voor de data en prijzen.

Tip: Feather that light 

Ever wondered how shots like this make it possible to create lensflare but don’t blow out the models hairs?
The trick is feathering the light. 

Now what does that mean?

When you set up your light, you normally aim towards your subject. However when you want to do shots like this it’s better to aim the strobe straight into the lens and away from the model. 
Every light source has a hard and bright centre and a softer side. With this knowledge you can do amazing stuff with your lighting. Aim the lighting away from the model to get a softer quality of light but also to get a much nicer accent light on the hairs (harder light always give that harsh look to the hairs making them jump out)
So the next time you want to grab to diffusion material first try to feather your light. I think you’ll love it.