Everything can be a light source Part II

In the second part of this series we look at the Lume Cubes.
A while ago I was send one Lume Cube to test and in all honesty I didn’t really think much of it when they asked me, as soon as the cube came in my first experience was also one of “yeah nice but…..” however as you can read in the previous blogpost I strongly believe that everything can be a great light source as long as you use it for what you need it for or what it can do….


And in that last part lies the power of the Lume Cube.
Of course you can use them as your main light source like I do in these shots, but I often use them actually in situations where I’m not able to bring strobes and just want some quick light somewhere, or where strobes simply don’t fit (small spaces). I actually put my Lume Cubes on selfie sticks so I can move them around the model, or let a VAL use them for me (Voice Activated Lightstand) by using the selfie stick you don’t see the assistants in the frame and you’re more flexible with the positioning of the light.
Ofcourse the Lume cubes are also great for video light and you can combine them with strobes (optical slave), but this is not a review, this is part II of the “everything can be a light source” blog post, so let’s look at the images we shot with two Lume Cubes. And as you can see by moving them around the model you can create a lot of contrast, but also some cool light flare effects.