Some new images in my “The Portrait project”

Today a few more images in my “the Portrait project”
In this project I try to shoot interesting characters/people with limited means, mostly natural light, lime cubes, flashlights, iPhone etc. are allowed and in “emergency” situations a small strobe, but overall the idea is to just ask someone and shoot the portrait spontaneous and fast.


The reason I started this project was that a lot of the attendees to my workshops often have the same question “how do you ask someone to take their portrait on the street” and of course “what do you need”.


In essence it’s very simple, you just ask.
And what do you need?, well what ever you have with you, it can be an iPhone, point and shoot or professional DSLR, in essence it’s about the person.
So here are a few new ones shot during an open house day of the waterloopbos.


Cameraman focussing on an important part.


But what part?
Make sure to tell the whole story.


I saw this guy during a little break and decided that I had to ask him, his reaction “what is it for”, after explaining what I was doing he told me he was asked “a lot” and had no problems being shot…. so we quickly went outside and took some quick shots. I felt he needed BW.