Tip on wide angles 

Want more power from your shot?

Want more dynamics ?
Most photographers are somehow hard wired to shoot from eye level towards their subject. However this often will give you a kind of “boring” shot. Now I won’t say that it will always be boring of course 🙂 but let me put it this way, in 99% of the cases it can be more interesting.

Take for example this shot

Shot during a demo day for Sony. Not the perfect location (loads of people standing around and not the perfect location) . By using a low angle and loads of strobes I actually cut out the crowd and “hid” the location by killing the ambient light.

I also used a wide angle, which I absolutely love to use. It will distort of Course. And that’s why a lot of People are I think “afraid” to use it. But if you use this distortion to enhance lines or even motion it can work really well.

So the next time you shoot. Sit on the floor and try a different angle and of course try to shoot wide 😉
Good luck