Tip: be ready

It’s difficult to make a shot when you don’t have a camera with you…..
This is one of the first things I learned when I got into street and travel photography. The other thing I learned was that the best camera is the camera you have with you. 
With today’s technology you can get great shots from even your smartphone so there’s hardly an excuses to not come home with some interesting shots. 
But the most important thing is… always be ready to shoot and learn to see the situations. Take for example this shot. It’s not a great shot or situation but somehow it always has a certain attraction for me. I just love the colors, the scene and the hint of Starbucks. It contains the (for me) important part of story telling. 
The shot was actually done with my Sony a7rII on my lap using the silent shutter and flip up screen. A killer Combination for this kind of shots. Just make sure you’re always ready. I do this by using auto ISO with a minimum shutter speed and AV mode. The only thing I know have to change is the apperture and I’m always ready to shoot.