Behind the closed DOORs September 24 2016

In todays episode another day at Photokina.
We visit several booths, including black magic where we show you an awesome film scanner, we hunt down the 1TB SD card, and we end up buying an iPhone lens that actually fits the iPhone 7Plus.

And we show you what we go through everyday to get you this vlog 😀

Sweden : Some cool stuff

I’m always on the lookout for cool stuff, like old vans, campers (RVs) etc.
Now in all honesty there weren’t many during our trip but I still managed to shoot these cute things.



Behind the closed DOORs September 23 2016

Day 2 (our day 2) at Photokina

Today we had the time to walk around and look at some cool products, listen to the guys from Tethertools about a cool new product, and Lensbaby about a cool new lens.

We also quickly visited FujiFilm to find their new camera, but it was behind glass, plus we found a “weird” product that promises amazing quality benefits for 30.00….. but …… well I don’t know and I tell you why.

So check out todays episode of “behind the closed DOORs”

Promo Digital Classroom

This is a short promotion video for our Digital Classroom. This is a FREE online interactive live photo shoot with Frank Doorhof where he shows you a successful photo shoot from start to retouch.

You can see him prepare the shoot by setting up and metering the lights, coach the model, take the shot and retouch the results, and much much more. Of course with all unexpected problems like in your shoot, because this is live:) In between you can ask questions online.

You don’t have to register, just go to