San Francisco part I

We are just back from our trip to the USA and that also means I show some albums of that trip to you guys.
Our first stop was San Francisco a city with a LOAD of hills, actually there was one time where I doubted to continue driving because in all honesty I couldn’t see the road over the hood of my car, the only thing I saw was…. well absolutely nothing, only a city FAR down below and far away, but hey… I guess they won’t let you drive down a cliff right… so we drove on, much to the joy of my son who claimed this was beter than a rollercoaster 😀

Enjoy todays album and remember, click on one of the images for the album view which is MUCH better.

In this series you see among other things the golden gate bridge, some images in the Mission (a must see site) and…. I always wanted to do this :D… a “low budget” flea market, great for some comic hunting 😀