Results workshop Santa Cruz

On July 15th it was time for the Santa Cruz workshop.
I LOVE teaching abroad and every time we do Photoshop World I also try to arrange at least one workshop, this time it was the second time we worked together with our friends at Expo Imaging (the home of the flash bender, and many more products), and I have to be honest they did a tremendous job again.

As a location we choose to start in their warehouse to show how you can use a relatively simple backdrop for some good images, after this it was time to travel to a skateshop in Santa Cruz with some really cool graffiti (but first there had to be a stop for lunch).

Today some of the images shot during that workshop.
Gear : Sony A7RII
Lens : Sony Gmaster 24-70 f2.8
Lighting : 2x Phottix Mitros+
Trigger : Phottix Odin
Modifiers : Frank Doorhof Flashbender 2 XL.

We started out in the warehouse :


Kelsey July 15 2016 0273


Because I hate to waste time, we started the location shoot with Kevin, one of the Expo imaging guys, and the organizer, and awesome dude.

Kelsey July 15 2016 0006



Kelsey July 15 2016 0008



Kelsey July 15 2016 0020



Kelsey July 15 2016 0025

Kelsey July 15 2016 0033


Kelsey July 15 2016 0292 1

Kelsey July 15 2016 0315