Workshop Succesful Portraits

In this 3 hour workshop you learn a lot about taking succesful portraits (ranging from the commercial to the avator for social media). You won’t only get lighting but also many business tips, coaching the unexperienced model, workflow and how to quickly retouch your photo’s when shooting headshots. As a photographer you have to work with all sorts of clients; easy or demanding people, managers and factory workers, all ask a different approach and that is exactly what you learn in this workshop, but also how to shoot the correct headshot for the job or message the client wants to project.

The cool thing about this workshop is also the fact that you shoot…….the most difficult customer in the world: other colleague photographers “pretending” to need a new headshot..

Enjoy this backstage video of the workshop Successful Portraits which I recorded during an actual workshop as the ‘model’. I also included some results of the Frank and the students. Thanks Marcel, Laure, Mariska, Reinoud and Bas for being in this video.

PS: the workshop is tought in the Dutch language