Results from a workshop with Esther

Today some results from a workshop “Classic lighting” I taught with our model Esther.
This was the first time I taught this workshop after the idea was brought in by one of our attendees.

The idea behind the workshop to show easy light setups and more complex that mimic the older fashion and glamour photography with a mix of the modern. During the workshop there was a lot of background information on photographers like Alvedon, Newton, Bailey etc. and a closer look to their styles after which I blended this with a bit of a modern twist without loosing the origins out of sight. The results are of course kept in BW, which was also a vital part of the workshop (how to get the look you want).

We started with some portraits.

Esther April 15  2016 0413

Esther April 15  2016 0415


After which we went for a more full body shot.

Esther April 15  2016 0706

Esther April 15  2016 0985

Esther April 15  2016 1248

For the final setup we started with very focussed light and added the light blaster on the background. This setup was build up to a more complex setup that gave some interesting results.

Esther April 15  2016 1507

Esther April 15  2016 1536

Esther April 15  2016 1550