Results from a workshop with Esther

Today some results from a workshop “Classic lighting” I taught with our model Esther.
This was the first time I taught this workshop after the idea was brought in by one of our attendees.

The idea behind the workshop to show easy light setups and more complex that mimic the older fashion and glamour photography with a mix of the modern. During the workshop there was a lot of background information on photographers like Alvedon, Newton, Bailey etc. and a closer look to their styles after which I blended this with a bit of a modern twist without loosing the origins out of sight. The results are of course kept in BW, which was also a vital part of the workshop (how to get the look you want).

We started with some portraits.

Esther April 15  2016 0413

Esther April 15  2016 0415


After which we went for a more full body shot.

Esther April 15  2016 0706

Esther April 15  2016 0985

Esther April 15  2016 1248

For the final setup we started with very focussed light and added the light blaster on the background. This setup was build up to a more complex setup that gave some interesting results.

Esther April 15  2016 1507

Esther April 15  2016 1536

Esther April 15  2016 1550


Ultimate Weekend by Frank Doorhof. Very intense 2 day photography workshop.

In this unique photography training KelbyOne instructor Frank Doorhof will teach you everything you want to know and more about model photography. In a small group you will discuss difficulties in shooting with models and Frank will corporate that in the live shoot: like posing, own position, lighting, backgrounds, and much more. Of course understanding, metering and manipulating light is also a big part of these days. Models are present so you can practice light set ups with Frank will guide and coach you through this process of making stunning images.

After diner on Friday night Frank shows his retouch workflow. On Saturday you’ll continue shooting. You will learn everything about model photography: inside, outside, male model, two models, big flash, small flash, shooting tethered, retouch, workflow, sets and much much more.

Quote of a student: “This workshop is the ultimate model photography experience. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and practical know-how that will take your photography to new heights”

Some images from Sharon

Today some images from Sharon, shot during a recent workshop.

Sharon April 1 2016 0004

Sharon April 1 2016 0008

Sharon April 1 2016 0029

Sharon April 1 2016 0033

Sharon April 1 2016 0519

Sharon April 1 2016 0530

Sharon April 1 2016 0563


Tip : Expression

One of the most important thing for me during a photoshoot is without a doubt expression.
Now don’t think your model always has to be screaming, crying or jumping around… expression can be so much more, even when you take away half of the face a model should be able to give you expression with just her eyes.

In all honestly shooting a pretty girl in front of a background is almost always easy, but making that image go from ok to WOW is much more difficult, and it doesn’t happen by itself, I actually hardly know any model that will do a top notch performance if the photographer will just keep quiet, there will some cool shots don’t get me wrong, but it will not be that shot where you go like “wow, I really love this”.

So try the next time you do a shoot to really push that model to the point where everything just “flows”, put on some music, keep talking and coaching your model and have FUN… maybe that last one is the most important thing, because if everybody feels like they are having fun the rest will follow by itself.

In this blogpost some samples I shot during a recent “freestyle” shoot with Roosmarijn.

Roosmarijn Maart 29 2016 0945

Roosmarijn Maart 29 2016 1013

Roosmarijn Maart 29 2016 1073