Free Photography Tips from Adriana Curcio to Take the Perfect Snap Every Time


A lot of fashion photographers are interested in learning new tips and tricks to improve their photography skills, but most of the advice on the blogs is technical. Sometimes, overly technical and hard to understand.  I decided to dive a bit deeper into the virtual world of fashion photography and find inspiring people who are not only great photographers but also great tutors.

Why pro photographers and not authority blogs that also talk about photography? Well, I felt the kind of tips that the pros offer are more practical, easy to understand, and most importantly they’re based on their own experience while going from amateurs to professionals. Without a doubt, photography tips from the pros are far more useful than ones from bloggers.

Last week, I started my pro photographer hunt and analyzed blogs of over a dozen famous fashion photographers that I found in this idigic roundup and finally shortlisted a few of them. Only one pro caught my attention instantly (I will be getting in touch with a few others in a week or so) and her name was Adriana Curcio – a passionate photographer with a decent following on the Internet. Her portfolio brims with artistic photos and I feel her blog is a go-to place for any photo-lover.


Here are seven great tips shared by Adriana Curcio for aspiring photographers worldwide to learn how to take the perfect shot every time:

  1. Preparation

Adriana says preparation is the key to becoming a successful photographer. In fact, she wants photographers to over prepare, and not just prepare. It’s natural for people to walk down the street with a camera in hand without knowing what to capture. She advises people to always carry a book that talks about the various aspects of photography like different poses, styles, angles, lighting, makeup, and editing. Even when you get exhausted travelling to different locations, your books will serve as a source of inspiration and help you to snap some stunning photos along the way.

  1. Work with multiple artists

The next advice from Adriana is to work with multiple people who are experts in their fields. Not just photographers, she recommends passionate photographers to work with makeup artists, painting specialists, tatoo artists, and even hair stylists in order to improve their creativity and knowledge about the different aspects of photography.

Always be open to new ideas, suggestions, and feedback from people you work with because you get to learn from not just the way you look at things but also by knowing how others look at your work. Make a list of the areas that need improvement and work on them. Work harder. This will lead to all-round skills development and help you come up with your own unique story and know how you can stand out from the rest. By having complete control on what you do, you learn how to mesmerize the audience.     

3. Keep Experimenting

Adriana says photographers should never stop experimenting. Try different angles, shutter speeds, and aperture with your cameras to distinguish the finer details of your images. That’s how you distinguish the ‘good’ from ‘better’ and improve your skills as a photographer.

4. Direct your photo shoots

Be your own director, says Adriana Curcio. If you are a professional photographer, you might have to work with a lot of skilled models who do not require instructions. However, make sure not to lose your sight. By using your own creativity, there is always something more you can bring to the table and be credited for your work.

5. Break the Rules

When it comes to showcasing your photographic skills, don’t be afraid to break the rules. There might be lessons that you learnt at your photography workshop like using a specific lighting and contrast in certain conditions. However, once you are tagged a pro, you should be willing to break the boundaries and go a bit further to see if you can come up with something different and more exciting. Not every lesson in the book should be rewritten but there are certain areas where you will feel ‘the rules can be broken.’

6. Shoot without a break

Never stop shooting. Sometimes when you don’t get offers, you might want to take a break from photo shooting. When the break is longer, you tend to lose some of your skills. Adriana Curcio says the moment you stop shooting, you become lazy and start thinking that there are better photographers in the industry and you’re not good enough. It’s a common feeling among those who are without offers for a long time. But, Adriana advises photographers to use this time gap and hone your skills, for which you may not have the time when you are busy with professional shooting. So shoot, shoot, and shoot, and do it without a break.

7. Confidence

Always believe in yourself and your skills as a photographer. Don’t get upset if your work gets rejected. Stay positive and work harder to rectify your mistakes and come up with something better the next time. Adriana says your confidence plays a major role in determining your success. She doesn’t hide the fact that she has faced multiple rejections in her career. She still remembers the scene when her client walked off from the set in her first photo shoot. It was embarrassing and upsetting but she worked harder and only got better from there. That’s what makes her a sought-after photographer in the fashion industry. If you get heart-broken on rejections early on in your career and give up, then you will never become a successful photographer.  


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