a CRAZY Macphun offer

MacPhun craziest offer ever….XXL
It’s no secret I love Macphun products… Over the last few years they have almost replaced all my other plugins, for example intensify is on almost 90% of my shots (to give it that extra pop), and I also love their BW convertor Tonality and there is LOADS more……but their new limited time bundle even makes me speechless….. If you don’t already own the creative suite, now is the time. Heck even if you don’t own a Mac buy it because you will get so much free stuff it’s crazy. Included for example is my FULL instructional video “Live in Boston”

Let’s see what’s in the XXL package :
http://macphun.evyy.net/c/146243/280234/3255 (if you order from here you also support our work)

Key Features:
700+ Editing tools, presets & filters
40+ Photo guides, e-books and videos
12 Powerful photo editing titles
1200+ Textures, presets, and Sample RAW files

$1871 in total Savings
Plus special discounts on photo related gear/products from some partners.


Products in Creative Kit XXL:
Name and Retail Value

Noiseless CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
Intensify CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
Tonality CK – photo editor by Macphun $70
Snapheal CK – photo editor by Macphun  $50
Focus CK – photo editor by Macphun $60
FX Photo Studio CK – photo editor by Macphun $30
Behind the Image – video guide by Ted Gore $65
The Posing Guide by Red Leaf Studios $60
The Lighting Guide by Red Leaf Studios $50
Africa with Athena – photo guide by Athena Carey $60
Live in Boston – photo guide by Frank Doorhof $40
E-Books collection by PhotoLesa (Lesa Snider) $30
OS X Video Guides from TheMacU $22
The Essentials of Street Photography $20
Video classes by Lesa Snider $50
The complete photography bundle by Mikko Lagerstedt $110
HDR tutorial video by Howard Snyder $60
Post processing techniques by Michael Breitung $18
E-books bundle by Nature Photo Guides $50
Shoot to Share video by Justin Novak $70
Creative Kit Walkthrough by Justin Noval $70
Light in Motion – photo guide by the Photographer’s Element $145
WIldflower photography – ebook by Steve Berardi $20
Easy DSLR Blue photo course by Ken Schults $67
Lightroom presets from Morethanwords.be $20
Shooting stars – e-book by Phil Hart $15
Fire & Sparks – photo guide by DYI Photography $10
City series: London – photo guide by DYI Photography $45
Complete Lightroom presets collection by Contrastly $99
Travel LR presets by TooManyWays.com $40
RAW Sample Files by Dmitry Sytnik $30
Creative Photography Textures collection $40

Circular Studio – software by Brain Fever Media $30
Crazy Talk 7 – software by Reallusion $30
Flame Painter 3 – software by Escape Motion $90
Resize Sense – software by VeprIT  $20
Watermark Sense – software by VeprIT $20
Picture Collage Maker – software by Pearl Mountain  $40

3 Free Months of Skillshare membership $30
CanvasPop Gift Card $30
25% BeHappy.me discount $10
20% discount from KB Covers $10
10% discount + a free Cuff from Peak Design $40
30% discount on iBlazr $18


Sale price $129 (EU 143)

Discount 93%

As you can see…. t’s a lot 😀 So order it today via http://macphun.evyy.net/c/146243/280234/3255 you’ll love it (even if you don’t own a mac)