Tip… keep your eyes open at all times

One of the things I always teach the attendees of my workshops is to ALWAYS keep your eyes open for some amazing light. During the ultimate weekend one of the attendees (Peter de Jong) did this very well.


At one moment he jumped on the ground and started to take some shots… what happened?
This was right after the final setup during the final day, this is the time where we work with a complete set, styling, ambient and strobes and often smoke, when we are done we ventilate the studio meaning we open up the doors, and that day the sun was pretty much in the perfect spot and created a beautiful beam of light Peter spotted.
Chaim one of my friends and always helping out with these kind of workshops was standing in the dooropening and was the lucky model, of course I couldn’t resist to pick up one of my favorite cameras and join Chaim, the result… in my opinion an awesome shot of two good friends enjoying their passion. But most of all a very good eye from Peter.


Photography is not always planned, it’s those moments that aren’t that can give you the most beautiful results.