The Halloween workshop

Yesterday you saw a preview of a quick Halloween shot at the end of the glamour workshop but today I’m sharing the images we shot during the real Halloween workshop.


Styling : Nadine
Model : Sanne
And yeah, things went a little crazy.
Normally the workshops are intense and the attendees get a LOT of information, this workshop was of course not different but we also decided to add some Halloween twists, some cool lunch (cut off fingers), and of course a lot of extreme styling which you normally don’t really find in my workshops, don’t get me wrong I love extreme but this was… well a bit weird.


So enjoy the images.

Sanne 31 October 2015 0342_edit 1

Sanne 31 October 2015 0346

Sanne 31 October 2015 0361

Sanne 31 October 2015 0653 1_edit

Sanne 31 October 2015 0689_edit

Sanne 31 October 2015 0706b

Sanne October 31 2015    0014

Sanne October 31 2015    0044_edit

Sanne October 31 2015    0046b