Route 66 Part I

Route 66 who doesn’t know Route 66.
My dream route…
My absolute joy if we drive on it….
Well ok you get the idea I love Route 66.

Although that is not completely true I just love the more and “weird” is the wrong term, I mean the more “off beat” thinks, well you know what I mean right?
When we are in the states I always love to find some of those areas, we visited for example Rachel a while ago (the Alien town) and this was actually the second time we drove a part of Route 66 which leads from LA to Las Vegas. What I like about it not only the feeling you’re driving on history, but also the amazing stuff you see along the way, from totally abandoned places to towns where only a few people live and even some areas that are thriving on tourists.
Today part one of my album of shots we took during our very small drive over Route66.
My dream?
To drive from Chicago to LA in an RV and shoot whatever we find during that road trip and film along the way and write a book about the experience… maybe one day.


Click on one of the tumbnails for the album.