Zeeland the Netherlands

Today some images I shot during a two day stay in Zeeland the Netherlands.
Zeeland is a province in the Netherlands that probably most of you know due to the “Delta works”, these were constructed after the North Sea flood in 1953 where a lot of people lost their homes and lives. This also placed the Dutch in the top of the market for everything concerning water management.

Not everything is connected to water of course in Zeeland.
We were there to relax and test our new RV before we will leave for Sweden and the UK tour in the coming weeks.

So here are some of the images I took during our stay.
Click on the images to open the gallery and see them better 😀

The best locations and the best light…. are what you do….

We all know that a good shot consists of good lighting and a great location right?
However that doesn’t mean you have to travel for that great shot, actually the best shots can be right around the corner. The main problem is that we see the locations close to us way to often to actually register as something that could be interesting for a photoshoot. If we would see them just once they might seem much more interesting than they do in every day life.


When we changed locations for our studio I clearly told everyone that the area behind the studio (out of sight) could not be changed and I wanted to let “nature” just run it’s course, if we have something old and “rustic” we don’t throw it out, we store it there and just place it somewhere where we can use it as a location to shoot, we even have a sea container there to use.


The next shots were all done in a very fast outside session with just the sun as light source.
Editing is very minimal with just some tinting and a little bit of MacPhun Intensify.


So the next time you are looking for a location… make sure to also check your local area, and house area. And when you own a studio building…. why not make a “mess” outside (as long as people don’t see it from the road). Also remember that the sun will actually be a great light source with great contrast, if it’s a bit too harsh you can always use some diffusion material between the model and the sun, but in all honestly I often just shoot it as is, I just love those hard shadows and popping colors.


Model/Styling : Nadine

Nadine Juni 12 buiten 2015   0010

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All that hair

One of the things I love to work with is hair.
You can always use hair to help models with their posing if they are a bit insecure, just let them play with their hair and they will often loosen up much easier, but it can also really add to a photoshoot when you go a bit more extreme, and when we say extreme…. well Nadine can be pretty extreme 😀


Today some images from last weeks workshop.


Model/Styling : Nadine

Nadine Juni 5 2015 0667

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Different cameras

One of the things I always love to do is play with props, and as a photographer what props are better than cameras right?

Remember that whenever you are feeling a bit less motivated, or inspired you can always start adding props to your shoot to add something that looks a bit more interesting, you can start out with an older DSLR you have as backup or maybe still haven’t sold, but when you look online (eBay/Marktplaats) you can buy some really cool looking film cameras for almost nothing and they make great props.

Well these cameras aren’t cheap but I hope you get the idea 😀

Nadine Juni 12 2015   0014

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