Twiga a new model

We are constantly looking for new models and doing small test shoots.
I have to be honest, I’m pretty picky when it comes to the models I’m using in my work and workshops so we actually do quite some testshoots for just a few models that continue to be seen in the workshops.


Last week I did a testshoot with Twiga, and she blew me away with her expressions.
Remember a testshoot is a very short session (often under an hour) and it’s the first time the model is front of my camera, so in fact one can only expect following shoots to be better. Well that promises something for the future 😀


Twiga May 2 2015 0141

Twiga May 2 2015 0036

Twiga May 2 2015 0081

Twiga May 2 2015 0116

Twiga May 2 2015 0132


Twiga May 2 2015 0189

Twiga May 2 2015 0196