The Elinchrom FS30 as a prop

During the small workshop from last week we did one setup where I used the Elinchrom FS30 as a prop.
We lit Manon with the modeling light of an ELC 1000 strobe.
To give accent to the side of the FS30 I used one Lastolite Switch box II Large fitted with a Phottix Mitros+ strobe.
To light the smoke a bare strobe was used, also a Phottix Mitros+.

Both strobes were balanced with a Rogue CTO gel to balance them towards the modeling light of the ELC.

In post I tinted the images with a blue tint.

Manon April 25 2015   0073

Manon April 25 2015   0087

Workshop  0553 1

Workshop  0553

Manon April 25 2015   0090