As you know I’m always very much an advocate of using expression to spice a shot up, but in all honesty some people just have a more expressive face than others. Now one of the things I love to do is sometimes just ask one of the attendees to my workshops to stand in front of my camera, and this can often give you some awesome results.


Now the question is of course…. how the heck do you get expressions like this?
Well…. I’m a talker, I don’t ever shut up when I’m shooting a model, I keep talking, talking and talking and in my opinion this is where you get that extra little bit that makes an image stand out, and in all honestly sometimes I don’t even know what I’m telling them to do… which sometimes gets me very surprised reactions…. and that was…. well exactly what I wanted him to do (at least I tell them that)…..



Many thanks to Jurjen for being my model.



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