Testsession glamour Ramona

Today some of the images from Ramono who also did a test session for our Glamour workshops.
Some images might be considered NSFW.

Ramona  1 - December 30 2014

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Testsession glamour Jet

Today some images I shot during the test session for our Glamour workshops with our new model Jet.
Some images could be considered NSFW so please take note when looking at work.


Jet  2 - December 30 2014-Edit

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Tethertools cable example

Loads of people ask me why they should use the Tethertools cables instead of standard USB cables that are often 10-20% cheaper.


I’ve shot for years with standard USB cables and normally it would work, but especially with longer runs and when the files got bigger it happened a lot that sometimes it felt like the buffer was “stuck” if you would leave the camera for a few seconds (10-20) it would often work again but it was not smooth.

When I switched to Tethertools I never experienced this stuck buffer anymore. Lightroom still sometimes just drops the connection but this a problem some people have experienced since version 5.x and is easily solved by restarting the tethering option.


A better tethering solution is Capture One which is literally build for Tethering and RAW conversion (use AMBDOORHOF for a cool discount on buying Capture One).


So why is the Tethertools cable better…
Because images tell everything, here is a shot with a normal standard USB cable and the Tethertools Orange cable, I think it’s pretty obvious.


For European customers visit www.tethertools.eu for US customers www.tethertools.com